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Would you like to tell me how I am doing? Do you have some advice or maybe even a complaint? Please comment here!

Anonymous commenting is turned ON..
IP Logging is ON (for personal reasons).
Please do not flame me. This is to help me with my character development, not a place for drama. All wank comments will be deleted.


+ 153

I'm looking forward to the Quidditch match. Especially since it will be the last match of the year. I won't be able to watch Quidditch again until the next school semester starts.

Orpheus has gained weight. And I'm pretty sure he's a boy, so I'm not worried about him being pregnant. I think he's just lazy.

And Pharos has started this habit of hovering while I'm studying or.. pretty much anything else. I think he's bored. I would be too if I was a ghost.

((ooc; Pharos has now become visible to everyone else. Not entirely, but as a very faint image. Feel free to say he's been stalking or hovering around your character.))

+ 152

[Private; Semi-Hackable]

The headaches are getting worse, but I'm learning to ignore them. Sometimes if I lay down or eat, they go away for a while. I think they're at their worst when I just wake up.


I should do something this weekend. Maybe I'll clean out my trunk.

+ 151

[Private; Hackable]

If he knew he was that sick, why didn't he say anything..?


Most people are complaining about the random hugging. I actually think it's nice. I think we all need a little pick-me-up lately.

For such a short game, it was still pretty intense. I'm glad we won. It's better when Agito is happy.

+ 150

I would say I'm glad to be back at school, but I was here the whole time. I was able to catch up on school work and a bit of reading.

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you're well.

+ 149

I wonder if I hit my head while running out of there. I've been getting big headaches at night. I can barely get to sleep.

+ 148


It's been a long, hard journey these past.. nearly eleven years. I wonder if he really considered me a friend. I was always there for him.. for so many years.

But now, we'll be together..



+ 147

Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday. It was a nice, calm birthday. I received a birthday card from my landlords, which was nice. I didn't expect anything from them. They're already letting me stay there for cheaper since I go to school most for the year..

A fieldtrip is coming up. It sounds like it will be fun. I've never been to the Ministry before, so I think this will be a new experience for me.

+ 146

Ah. Happy Birthday to me.

+ 145

Congratulations to Gryffindor. Everyone worked hard.

I'm going to return to my dorm before Agito starts yelling..


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